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The name: CounterSuit... 

A response, a rebuttal to relationships. Here is an answer to life's circumstances. Some serious, some a little sarcastic. Here... a four piece Rock group from North Eastern North Carolina.


William Charles Waugh (Bill) has performed in Las Vegas, opened for Country artist Bill Lyerly, shared a stage with Jon Royce of "The Beam", worked with Limp Bizkit's former manager and played many festivals in Boise, Idaho. His songs have been on several records, one sent to France and one aired on an FM Rock station in 2012.

Bill picked up and old acoustic guitar at age 13 and began playing along with songs on Country radio. After 10 years, Bill realized he could put some lyrics and melody to the chords he had learned, and started writing songs of his own. He soon set up to record them at home so others could hear what he had created.

After moving to North Carolina in 2013, a co-worker and drummer, Johnathan Sharpe, befriended Bill, and with a few weeks of jamming, they decided to start a new band with his songs, and “CounterSuit” was born...


Johnathan Dewayne Sharpe (John) had a friend and mentor gift him an old drum kit when he was about 7 years old. He played around for years with other musicians, joined a few cover bands and performed several live shows.

That same set of drums is what he brought and gave them a good "tune-up" to become the backbone of CounterSuit..


Matthew Godsey (Matt), who has been a part of Carolina Crossroads, got his start in 1998 as a versatile musician, experimenting with any instrument put in front of him. Although influenced by Progressive Rock, Matt has spent years in his church Worship group, and spending his free time intentionally surrounded by music.

Matt was brought to the attention of Bill and John by Scotty, and he carried his electric guitar and keyboard into the studio. He brings the leads, accents and fullness to complete the sound of CounterSuit...

The Mission:

Collectively, the band want to create an original Rock sound, pushing each other and themselves to be altogether better musicians, and to see how far it will take them. The songs have a message, the music has an appeal that moves emotion..

CounterSuit have shared the stage with:

NoMara/John LeCompt (Evanescence), Ryan Martinie (MudVayne), Leaving Eden, Lord Bishop, Audiowolf, Skinbound, Sun & Flesh, and many more. 

Countersuit: The First Appeal


Written by William Waugh (BMI)

Just Keep Livin

In this life, and what we have today

Walking hand in hand, and we have nothing to say

For all that we, we’ve been through

I’m trying to find a way to connect with you



I found the answers along the way

But where to put them, I don’t have a place

What I think I know isn’t worth a stone

I’ll just keep livin the life I know, if I’m with you


Triggers in my mind, I wanna take him down

There are times that I think that he’s still around

But I took the gift that he threw away

And when it hits his heart, I’d like to see his face


There’s something about the way you move

When you’re under me, and I’m under you

I’ll keep us going the best I can

Take me day to day, take me where I stand

Where I Stand


Sorry I didn’t write the right song for you

Sorry my lyrics didn’t make it through

It’s hard to take it from heart to mouth

But my skin and bones we need you now



So pull the shadows out between our flesh 

so they don’t burn inside you and me

Tear the veil of loneliness put the demons beneath our feet

So you will know, you will know where I stand



Life is bitter and the road is sweet

Take it slow but then we still bleed

Wake in sweat and we need to know

There are voices that we can’t let go



You pick your fights with a battle-axe Baby

You don’t seem to have a need for my sex, Baby

But then you worry ‘cause I don’t even miss you

I’m fighting tension that I can’t even see through



Now we’re breaking only time will tell, we’ll be the last ones to know

I think we’re taking this love to hell, if we’re goin’ down, we’re goin’ down

and if we’re breaking then break, break with me


I don’t think you know what you want, Baby

and I don’t know how to give it to you, Lady

There’s gotta be some way to get by it all

‘Cause nothing hurts like it hurts when you lose it all


I think we’re lucky ‘cause we’re still alive, Baby

Maybe we can make it through the night, Baby

And if we spill some blood, we’re gonna heal, right?

We’re either dead or we’re living the high life

6 Strings

Come on out and say it, you don’t understand

You never even heard me play it, so come back from sultryland

It might sound like I’m crazy, and I can’t get it right

I don’t know how to speak to a lady, but hear me out tonight



 The only thing I see in the dark hanging my heart are these 6 strings

I don’t know how to set it apart until you hear this hollow body sing

I found a way to say that you are my everything

I’m standing up here on stage and I hope that you hear me sing

For you….. with these 6 strings…


I found a way to let it out so you will understand

So shut your mouth and hear me out, and just listen to my band

I sing about emotion, and you can laugh at me

The clichés of devotion, but it can set you free

Couldn’t Convince You


You don’t know what you’re doing, what you do to me

There are ways about you that you can’t see

Cause after all you’ve been through and being alone

“Why would anybody want to keep you at home?”



All the things I said don’t mean too much

If you’re still hanging on your bad luck

I couldn’t convince you that I am real

If you couldn’t accept the way I feel about you



You keep those moments that made you sick

And I even gave you some hurt over it

It was all in my head over me and you

I was just in love and that’s all I knew

The Prayer


Thank you for Mom and Dad sticking through the years

They never broke down while catching all my tears

But I never took help, didn’t see my family needs

My brothers and friends, I held my pride to leave


If I was taken into the clouds I’d understand why

If I was shaken into the earth, leave me where I lie

Nothing’s owed to me, but I’m begging for mercy


Sorry for putting away what you gave me to read

Disregarded blessings that you’ve thrown at me

I think I’ve got it all down but what do I know

I know I want more life before you take me home


She is here with love and it’s hard to believe

I don’t deserve a woman like that for me

With all the things I’ve done and set to burn

I need angels to help me become everything to her

Heart Won’t Speak


I was ready for flight, then you called out my name

Should I leave you tonight? And why am I to blame?

You won’t tell me to stay, and I can’t read your mind



All I know is that you can’t put into the words to say to me

And you give me signs, but you can’t tell me how you feel

Just a simple answer’s what I need…but your heart won’t speak


You’re so defensive over you, and I can understand

It’s like I’m nothing new, but you don’t want it to end

I know you’re locked away. Give…me…some…thing



 Altar for Fears


One more night with you, one more storm to blow through

I’ve been waiting for now, we’ll make it through somehow

Are you willing to give it a shot, forget whether we make it or not

We can be safe and never feel, or tear us wide open for something real



Bring all your skeletons with you

And your bad times and I’ll bring mine too

Make an altar for fears and lay them down

Let us make love while they burn to the ground


This is one of those times to believe

Put trust in something that you can’t see

We shouldn’t walk away tonight

We’ve come this far to share a life



Told You So


You don’t believe me, because it’s coming from me

You don’t think from your heart, it’s gonna tear us apart

So get away if you’re just here to play with me



“I told you so” is the day that’s coming around

And you don’t wanna hear it

You make a way to say that it’s all my fault

But you really knew it was you


You think you know it all, but you’re the one who’s gonna crawl

Keep testing me, but it’s you, you can’t see

When you realize who you are, then you’ll know who I am, It’s not with you 



 The Final


We were told of a picture perfect life

About the way things should be

But we found that it’s not all black and white

Maybe that’s what brought you to me



And did I tell you you’re the last one?

Putting it all on the front line

Showing my heart just one more time

I don’t need to be a hero

Just setting myself up for you Babe

I wanna be here till my dyin days…You’re the last one


Don’t why I didn’t see you before now

Maybe I would have messed it up again

But what the hell we found each other somehow

And found love will bleed through the stains